central ave bridge rendering 2017 5 3

In addition to providing a much-needed connection from Harbor East to Harbor Point, the overall visual impact of the Harbor Point Connector Bridge and the aesthetic quality of the structure are of significant importance for this project. The Harbor Point Connector Bridge will act as a visual gateway to both the Harbor Point development when traveling south across the bridge and the Inner Harbor East development when traveling north across the bridge. Specific attention will be paid to the connection points on the Central Avenue side, including the Lancaster Street intersection, as well as where the bridge meets the Harbor Point development streetscape. There will be a comprehensive vision and consistent design approach to Central Avenue streetscaping (Phase I and Phase II) and the bridge as it enters Harbor Point. This will be done through physical architectural/engineering design of the structure, the paving patterns/system, and streetscaping at both ends of the bridge. Aesthetic considerations will also include the sides and length of the bridge from the view on Central Avenue, Lancaster Street, the Harbor Point site, watercraft, and adjacent properties. Cost, maintenance and replacement feasibility, and structure deterioration are taken into consideration when designing the bridge.